Fax servers have changed a lot over the years. Now we have the ability to transmit faxes without the requirement of connecting to your phone system or physical phone lines. We are able to use hosted SIP trunks at a low monthly price. We can install the fax server software on a virtual server on your network, then configure that server to talk with the SIP trunks via the Internet.

The benefits are no fax boards are required to be purchased or installed in the copiers which is a large cost savings compared to the software licensing costs. The user experience at the MFP is the same as if there were a fax board in the MFP. Also users are able to now fax from any copier even if it normally would not have a fax board. Users can also fax from their desktops, laptops or phones without any software or drivers required. From a compliance standpoint, now all faxes going in and out of the county can now be archived for legal discovery.

We can now route faxes to email, folders or print drivers so if you have a department that requires that the fax still prints out, we can pick any networked print as the output device.

The size of the system that we are proposing is a 3 channel system meaning that it can handle 3 faxes at the same time. We use a 20 to 1 ratio saying that for every 20 fax lines, only 1 is in use so that is how we sized your solution.

Here are some popular fax features and user benefits

Send outgoing faxes from your desktop

Multifunction systems allow for faxing from the device itself just as a standalone fax would. The greatest benefit of most multifunction systems, from an outbound faxing perspective, is their ability to allow faxing from any Windows desktop on your network. Rather than printing a document only to scan it again during the faxing process, you simply send your fax from the comfort of your office.

Automatically route incoming faxes

The most common scanner in the world today is a fax machine. As a fax machine user initiates a fax, he or she is simply putting that document in a scanner for transmission. This document can either be printed on your fax machine in your office, or the electronic version of that document can be captured and routed to the location of your choosing. This can be routed to an email address, a folder on your network, or even automatically indexed and routed directly to your electronic document management system.

Fax server workflow improvement

Fax server technology provides the basic faxing functionality of an MFP with the added ability to electronically manage all your fax documents in one, easy-to-use interface. Users can route documents to multiple locations based on the phone number dialed, reduce the number of telephone lines your company uses but increase the number of fax lines, with more features. For medium to high volume fax applications, these features allow for greater productivity and lower costs for faxing in any organization. In addition, fax servers can be tightly integrated with multifunction systems to allow for better end-user experience.

Multi-Tasking Access

One of the largest concerns with any multifunction device is what to do if the device is being used for another function. If the device is being used for copying or printing, how will that affect an inbound fax? Of course, standalone fax systems do not require multiple access capabilities, but multifunction systems allow for the system to be used for multiple functions at the same time. If the system is being used for copying, printing, or scanning, the fax function will simply work in the background.

Multiple Line Support

In many cases, high-volume faxing applications require more than one line. Traditionally, the approach would be to have two separate fax machines available for your users. Many multifunction systems now have the capability to incorporate a second line in the same system. This prevents the need for multiple fax machines in any given location. Fax servers can support two, four, eight or more fax lines.
So do you need a Multifunction System or a Fax Machine?

Depends on your unique applications. You may find that a standalone fax machine is all that is needed to meet your specific business requirements. In the event that you need more capabilities for advanced faxing applications, you may want to consider a MFP or possibly add a fax server to your network environment.

Let us help you select the best solutions for your business needs and budget. We are ready when you are.